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Temple Survey Project (N.R.), Bhopal

The Temple Survey Project Northern Region, Bhopal was established in 1955. Shri Krishna Deva was the first Superintending Archaeologist of this Project.

The Department wanted to explore, document, analyze and preserve the temple of the country. Temple Survey Project had the mandate of the recognizing & unknown temples of the country of systematic surveying and comprehensive study of decaying and unknown ancient temples located all over the country. Consequently, two centers of Temple Survey had been founded. One is at Bhopal for the northern region and the another one is at Chennai to cover southern India.

Since its inception, the Temple Survey Project (N.R.), Bhopal has been intensivly involved in study of temples in the country and released various informative notes, books and many vital research papers. Scholars like Krishna Deva, B. L. Nagarch, R.D. Trivedi, Debala Mitra, M.D. Khare made extensive efforts for the documentation & analysis of the temples to enrich the knowledge of various important temples of northern India by their detailed study. Till today students of temple architecture are being benefitted by the works carried out by the scholars of TSP (NR).

List of Superintending Archaeologists headed the Temple Survey Project(NR), Bhopal, M.P.
Sl. No. Name Year From Year To
1. Shri  Krishna Deva 07/12/1955 31/01/1962
2. Shri  Vijay Kant Mishra 01/02/1962 16/04/1963
3. Shri M.D. Khare 17/04/1963 01/08/1963
4. Mrs Devla Mitra 02/08/1963 31/05/1966
5. Shri Sunil  Ray 01/06/1966 09/07/1968
6. Shri M.D. Khare 10/07/1968 19/06/1977
7. Shri R. D. Trivedi 20/06/1977 06/07/1984
8. Dr. B.L. Nagarch 07/07/1984 29/12/1993
9. Dr. P.K. Trivedi 30/12/1993 15/04/1998
10 Shri K.K. Ramamurthy 16/04/1998 11/07/2001
11. Dr. D. Bhengra 12/07/2001 09/09/2004
12. Dr. P.K. Mishra 10/09/2004 20/07/2006
13. Shri K.K. Muhammad (I/c) 21/07/2006 02/08/2007
14. Dr. Narayan Vyas 03/08/2007 31/01/2009
15. Dr. S. V. Venkateshaiah (I/c) 01/02/2009 05/07/2009
16. Shri N. Tahir 06/07/2009 16/07/2009
17. Dr. K. Lourdusamy 16/07/2009 13/08/2013
18. Dr. S. S. Gupta 14/08/2013 30/09/2014
19. Shri Julfikar Ali (I/c) 30/09/2014 12/05/2015
20. Shri A. K. Pandey 12/05/2015 29/07/2016
21. Ku. Rekha Radha Vallabhi (Dy S.A) I/c 29/07/2016 29/12/2016
22. Dr. Madhulika Samanta 30/12/2016 Till now
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