Architectural Survey Of Kachchhapaghata Temples At Thoban, District Ashoknagar & Surwaya, Terahi, Mahua and Rannod, District Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, (2010-2011)
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In the year 2010-11 under the project Ashoknagar and Shivpuri districts were intensively surveyed and many temples were studied .

This work was the second segment of study of Architectural survey on Kachchhapaghata temples of districts Ashoknagar and Shivpuri of Madhya Pradesh. The Kachchhapaghata rulers extended their area in Thoban, Terahi, Mahua, Rannod and Surwaya and constructed temples in their own style. However, some impact of Pratihara temple style is also seen in their temples.

The work was carried out in order to know the specific regional style compare to its main central Indian temple art & architecture and its development. The temples of Kachchhapaghata dynasty are less known and not studied by the scholars hence the entire length and width of their temples have been studied and brought to light. The temples under study speak about the socio-cultural, and economic status of contemporary society in the particular region. All temples have been systematically studied through documenting them by photographs and Auto-CAD drawing with plan and elevation, and describing them with their architectural and sculptural details. Along with temples, Mathas, tanks, and baolis and other secular structures have also been brought to light during the survey.