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Protected Temples under the Jurisdiction of Lucknow Circle, Archaeological Survey of India

Sl. No. Name of Temple Tehsil District
1 Kalinjar Fort of temple Kalinjar Banda
2 Temple Bargarh Chitrakut
3 Remains of a temple Barha-Kotra Chitrakut
4 Small temple with a sanctum and a flat roof Barha-Kotra Chitrakut
5 Remains of a small Chandella temple Birpur Chitrakut
6 Two Chandella temples standing together on the same platform Gonda Chitrakut
7 Remains of an old Chandella temple Dadhwa, Rampur  & Manpur Chitrakut
8 Balari Nath Gulrampur Chitrakut
9 Two temples Gulrampur Chitrakut
10 Stone temple Ganesh Bagh one mile south-east of Karwi Chitrakut
11 Ruins of some Jain Temples Lauri of Lokhari Chitrakut
12 Two ruined temples Mau Chitrakut
13 Ruins of a large linga temple of the Chandella type Pura Chitrakut
14 Remains of a large temple Ramnagar Chitrakut
15 Ruins of a large Chandella temple Ramnagar Chitrakut
16 Group of ruins, the principal object of which is the entrance door of a temple Rasin Chitrakut
17  the temple of Chandi Maheshwari Rasin Chitrakut
18 Temple Bahua Fatehpur
19 Circular mound, the site of a temple Khairai Fatehpur
20 Four temples Kurari Fatehpur